May 2021 Summary

The very beginning of May was a long weekend here in Poland, so I’ve caught some break. Well-rested I’ve dived in the internals of C language right after that. In general what was left were two chapters of C course. They’ve dealt with compilation, linking, standard library and assembler. Obviously they’re not trivial topics. However, two weeks passed, and I’ve finished them. What was left is a chapter about optimization, but that I’ve skipped as I’m not going to actually write apps in C, so it won’t give me much benefit right now. Having said that, it actually marks the end of my involvement in the C programming for now. I wanted to get the knowledge about the language, not an actual skill of using it. Goal achieved, moving on then.

Due to the fact that my schedule in May became a little erratic, I’ve decided to sail towards known waters. I’ve come back to the Tanenbaum’s book about operating systems . I think that I will continue with it to the very end – there are three chapters left – but quite long to be honest.

  • 01-03.05.2021 – Long weekend in Poland.
  • 04-07.05.2021 – Started 8th chapter of C course.
  • 08-09.05.2021 – weekend
  • 10-14.05.2021 – Continued 8th chapter of C course and finished it.
  • 15-16.05.2021 – weekend
  • 17-21.05.2021 – Started and finished 9th chapter of C course.
  • 22-23.05.2021 – weekend
  • 24-28.05.2021 – Andrew S. Tanenbaum – ninth chapter of the book Modern Operating Systems with
  • 29-30.05.2021 – weekend
  • 31.05.2021 – Andrew S. Tanenbaum – continued ninth chapter of the book Modern Operating Systems with

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