About me

My name is Michał Piotrowski aka Chlebik (it is a polish diminutive of the word ‘bread’). I come from Poland, and at the moment I am working as a software consultant in Java area. This blog is a log of my personal development in the area of low-level programming, operating systems and computer science. My personal mission while writing this blog is to interest wide IT-audience in something that right now is being covered by endless layers of abstraction. To make people aware, that knowing low-level stuff is not scary and, also can be a very intellectually-stimulating path to follow.

There are a couple of blog posts that You can find interesting – they present my idee fixe for BareMetalDev project and what were my thoughts along the way.

In my spare time (if I got any) I enjoy running, reading, classical music and mountain hiking. If You want to contact me, please use social media links on the right.

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