From Java to C++ – lambdas

In Java, we have our take on functional programming with lambdas. Obviously, as functional programmers love to tell us – they’re just a mere simplifications of the ‘real’ functional languages. However, introduced in Java 8, they’ve had  really changed how we do things in Java…

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From Java to C++ – Inheritance

This post will be short, however I think it could be useful for people, especially the ones coming from Java to C++. Today I want to cover inheritance, which may seem like a trivial thing, but actually it’s not. Maybe not at its core –…

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Tour of C++ review

My journey into C++ started with the author of the language himself – Bjarne Stroustrup. Unfortunately, I can’t say that our first meeting bore fruitful results. To be honest, I’ve jumped to the other sources right away after I was done reading. Why ‘Tour of…

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