“Modern OS” book notes

One of my first tasks on the road to become BareMetalDev was reading the praised book by Andrew Tanenbaum and Herbert Bos“Modern Operating Systems”. It is a great source of knowledge about operating systems – how they work and operate.

Of course there is no way to just read the book and remember at least a part of it. Therefore, I’ve decided to make notes along the way. My first learning experience – preparing for the RHCSA exam, resulted in notes and questions too – I’ve published them in a separate GitHub repository. It became really successful, proving that there is always a demand for good quality learning materials. Based on that, I’ve decided to also publish my notes from the aforementioned book.

It is still work in progress, although the amount of knowledge already published is quite wide. I won’t lie that increasing number of GitHub stars does not improve my morale 😉 What is more – using GitHub – allows other people to participate in this work, fixing bugs or explaining something through the PRs. Maybe in the future, I would transfer these notes here. It would require some additional editing work so I’m not making any promises so far.

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