From Java to C++ – lambdas

In Java, we have our take on functional programming with lambdas. Obviously, as functional programmers love to tell us – they’re just a mere simplifications of the ‘real’ functional languages. However, introduced in Java 8, they’ve had  really changed how we do things in Java…

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From Java to C++ – Inheritance

This post will be short, however I think it could be useful for people, especially the ones coming from Java to C++. Today I want to cover inheritance, which may seem like a trivial thing, but actually it’s not. Maybe not at its core –…

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From Java to C++ – Templates

Generic programming is everyday bread for possibly every Java programmer out there. Only the oldest Java programmers out there still remember the times, when we’re casting things all over, and lists were instantiated without explicitly telling the compiler what type of objects they hold. There…

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