Roguelike AoC – part 23

In the twenty-third lesson of a roguelike game tutorial something new appeared – a game menu. Instead of diving into locations, pathfinding and such – we do some interface work. However, there was a problem.

Write once, run everywhere. Oh, wait…

Yup. The problem is that author is using ncurses that were originally written for UNIX-like systems. My decision to use PDCurses was driven by the fact that my everyday-work desktop is running Windows – using emulation for such simple things like learning C seemed a little too much. Up until now it was not a problem – until it became one.

It appears that there’s no menu functionality ported to the PDCurses! I’ve tried using ports for MinGW but during the compilation and linking I’ve hit more and more errors. After some time struggling with this I’ve just gave up. What is more – adding menu to the game (which is a nice feature) is exactly what it is – a feature. Adding it to the project won’t increase my knowledge about C programming that much. So I’ve let it be. No new code today.


Here is the direct link to the GitHub repo.

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