September 2021 Monthly Summary

Vacation time is great. Unfortunately, it must always come to an end, and that’s what happened at the beginning of September. Rested, relaxed and with a lot of new plans made, I’ve started this month with the great surge of energy.

First thing was to finish what I already had in mind, and that was book about assembly language, that I bought some time ago. I knew, that diving right into x64 assembly would be too much, I’ve started small with Raspberry Pi 4. It is still 64bit, but as it’s RISC, the assembly is fairly simpler. My guide through this topic was Programming with 64-bit ARM assembly language, by Stephen Smith. Along the way I’ve ordered the Raspberry Pi, and started meddling with the code. To be honest – I’ve never played with assembly, so it was both fun and educational experience.

You may wonder, why haven’t I created any notes (similar to the Tanenbaum’s book)? Well, that’s a longer story, which I plan to elaborate on in a separate post. Although, the idea was to use the knowledge I’ve gained recently, from the Experts Incubator course. To cut to the point – it’s a course about learning process, how to do this in the most efficient way, avoid pitfalls and usual problems when trying to learn something new. The main idea is – repetitive learning (e.g. via flashcards) combined with deliberate practice, is a way to go. Therefore, I’ve decided to give it a try, and starting with assembly book, there’s a full ANKI flashcard waiting for you on my GitHub. Everything I would usually put in a notes form, right now is available for you to start learning right away! I’ve been doing it from the beginning of the month (every day), and it works! Just works! I recommend that you also give it a try! Obviously, I couldn’t resist to write the review of the book.

After I was done with assembly, I’ve read an interesting book, about how programmer’s brain works. It was something different after deep-dive into the technical, assembly stuff. As this was more like entertainment, I did not proceed with creating flashcards, but I’ve created simple notes, which can be found here.

The last week of September was big. I’ve actually started my war with a beast. I mean C++ 😉 I’ve chosen “Tour of C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup as my first guide. Although, I’ll explain my plans for the future in a separate post. It’s eventually the 1st anniversary of BareMetalDev – some celebration and summary is expected.

September 2021

  • 01-03.09.2021 – Started book about assembly – chapter 1 and part of 2 with ANKI flashcards.
  • 04-05.09.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 06-10.09.2021 – Continued book about assembly – chapters 3-5 with ANKI flashcards.
  • 11-12.09.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 13-17.09.2021 – Continued book about assembly – chapters 6-7, part of 9 and whole 11 with ANKI flashcards.
  • 18-19.09.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 20-24.09.2021 – Finished book about assembly – chapter 12 and to the end of book (casual read of chapters 13-16) with ANKI flashcards. Written a review of the book.
  • 25-26.09.2021 – weekend (flashcards only), and finished reading “The programmer’s brain” with review and notes.
  • 27-30.09.2021 – I’ve started with C++ learning – my first book is “Tour of C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup. In total I’ve read and created notes/flashcards for total of 9 chapters.

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