Februrary 2022 monthly summary

Usually my summaries are not only showing what I’ve done in the specific month, but also they paint some view of the upcoming work. This month will be different. The truth is – I will be pausing BMD as a project for the time being. It’s due to other areas in my life that needs fixing and paying attention to, so I’m not going to do mediocre job here. As simple as that.

As for this month, I’ve somehow reached the end. I’ve published finished ANKI flashcards for both ‘GC Theory‘, and also for ‘C++ Introduction’. That concludes a couple of months effort, and I’m happy that I’ve made it to the end. As I’ve written above – I don’t know how and when I will be able to come back to BMD in general, and what I will try to do then. However, I’m sure that it won’t happen, as long as I wouldn’t be able to deliver quality material for all the people interested in low-level stuff.

February 2022

  • 01-02.02.2022 – working on ANKI flashcards for GC.
  • 03.02.2022 – published ANKI flashcards for GC Theory series, and started working on C++ ones
  • 04.02.2022 – continued with C++ flashcards.
  • 05-06.02.2022 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 07-11.02.2022 – continued with C++ flashcards.
  • 12-13.02.2022 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 14.02.2022 – finished C++ Introduction flashcards.

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