November 2021 montly summary

I remember writing November summary last year, when I already knew that Roguelike AoC 2020 was coming. I don’t plan such adventure this year, but I’m still please with the state of things. November was this year, was full of work, but with well-deserved periods of rest.

There’s not that much to elaborate – below summary shows what I did during that time. Nothing unexpected happened, and the plans for December are simple – just continue working through ‘C++ Crash Course’ and GC books. And yet – I already long for Christmas’ time this year to have some fun and rest.

November 2021

  • 01.11.2021 – free day in Poland so I’ve had a longer weekend.
  • 02-05.11.2021 – studying copy&move semantics in C++. It resulted in the article publication.
  • 06-07.11.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 08-10.11.2021 – started reading about mark&sweep GC algorithms.
  • 11-14.11.2021 – long weekend in Poland (flashcards only).
  • 15-19.11.2021 – finished work about mark&sweep algorithm, and posted an article about it. To get away from GC for a moment, I’ve came back to C++ and started learning about inheritance, functions and lambdas.
  • 20-21.11.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 22-26.11.2021 – first I’ve ended working on inheritance in C++, and posted an article about it.
    Then I’ve continued in the C++ area, which resulted in function&lambdas post being published.
  • 27-28.11.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 29-30.11.2021 – I’ve read remaining chapters from the ‘C++ Crash Course’ book which I have not read yet (runtime polymorphism, expressions, statements, etc).

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