December 2021 monthly summary

Last year December summary was a big thing – it summed up my Advent of Code effort. Remembering that experience, this year I’ve decided not to indulge myself with such experience. Although, the month was both interesting and tiring at the same time!

It started with a recap of all the C++-related articles I’ve already created. It was reviewed by my C++ coach, and a lot of things in these articles had to be changed. The one mostly affected by that was the one about copy&move semantics, which grew substantially, and now covers also RAII and resource management. In order for it to look like this, I had to review and study a lot of additional material. However, at least right now I’m sure what I know, and what I don’t know about the concepts presented there 😉 What is more, we also did some review work concerning my introduction to C++ flashcards. Right now they are more detailed and (hopefully!) – bug free.

At this point tiredness started to wear me off – especially with previous effort in November, which resulted in my promotion at work. The fact itself was great, and very rewarding, but around mid-December I’ve started to slack off at my BMD path because of it. As I did not want to do mediocre job here, I’ve decided to take a longer break than I had previously planned. As a result starting 18th of December, I’ve dropped all the activities, besides regular flashcards. Writing this summary is the first activity I’ve done for the last two weeks. Good news is, that I feel well-rested, and ready for the upcoming year. Which I also wish to every reader of my blog. Happy new year!

December 2021

  • 01-03.12.2021 – meeting with my C++ coach, and articles rewrite.
  • 04-05.12.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 06-10.12.2021 – continued studying copy&move semantics/RAII in C++.
  • 11-12.12.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 13-17.12.2021 – finished rewriting article about RAII/move semantics, and next meeting with C++ coach. Rewritten article can be found here.
  • 18-31.12.2021 – all the time continued only with flashcards, no other activities (besides well-deserved rest). That does not take reading under account – I’ve read (purely for fun and entertainment) a couple of books, which reviews you can expect soon.

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