October 2021 Monthly Summary

October has been pretty intensive. First, a shift in my goals, and then everyday work that followed. As I’m writing this at the end of the month, I still cannot believe how much I’ve done so far. Obviously there’s way more to go through. However, I find learning combo of C++ and GC very interesting and refreshing. What is more, juggling between these two, allows me to avoid boredom and burnout.

Taking a look back I see that maybe I’ve overstretched myself a little. With additional work I’ve taken at work, October was intensive, and I can feel that. In Poland, November is usually a month of long-weekends (we have some public holidays in November), so I will try to use that for my benefit. There’s a time to put the hard work, and a time to recuperate.

October 2021

  • 01.10.2021 – continued “Tour of C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup.
  • 02-03.10.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 04-08.10.2021 – Finished “Tour of C++”.
  • 09-10.10.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 11-15.10.2021 – Studied books and online resources about templates. That resulted in the publication of article about them.
  • 16-17.10.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 18-22.10.2021 – Written a review of Bjarne Stroustrup book, and studied the basics of GC algorithms. It resulted in an article being written about it.
  • 23-24.10.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).
  • 25-29.10.2021 – reading about reference counting algorithms. Written and published an article about it.
  • 30.10 – 01.11.2021 – weekend (flashcards only).

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