March 2021 Summary

March started with me finishing eight chapter of Tanenbaum’s book. It was caused by me waiting for C course to start, and therefore there’s another chapter already on GitHub. After that I could’ve started C course, but unfortunately suddenly I got some health problems (not COVID, just simple old-school cold, and later problems with my back). I was not in a shape to proceed with the focus and attention I would like to have, so I’ve taken a little break. Low-level wasn’t going anywhere 😉

I’ve fully recovered on the 15th of March, and I’ve hit it hard with the C course. My idea was to use the whole course as a syllabus, and extend my knowledge by reading appropriate chapters from various books about C that I possess. I’ve planned to make extensive additional notes from them, but truth to be told, the course covers a lot of knowledge and topics, so it seems that the amount of notes going outside the scope of the course will be quite small. For the time being I’m just writing them down. I suppose the best way to deal with them would be publishing them at the end of the course. The idea is there – how I will execute it is still a matter to be decided.


  • 01-04.03.2021 – Andrew S. Tanenbaum – eight chapter of the book Modern Operating Systems with
    notes. On the last day I’ve published them on GitHub.
  • 05-14.03.2021 – unfortunately was sick for some time, therefore a break here.
  • 15.03 – 20.03.2021 – dived into second chapter of C course. Additional read from Stephen Prata, and Prinz/Crawford books.
  • 21.03.2021 – Free day (Sunday).
  • 22-23.03.2021 – finishing second chapter of C course.
  • 24-27.03.2021 – started third chapter of C course. Additional read from Stephen Prata, and Prinz/Crawford books, with quick recap of ‘Understanding and using C pointers’ book by Reese
  • 28.03.2021 – Free day (Sunday).
  • 29-31.03.2021 – continued third chapter of C course

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