April 2021 Summary

From the very beginning April was planned to be fully dedicated to C course. I’ve done nothing else, but just dive in it as deep as I could. Therefore, this summary is short, as it’s C, C and C all over 😉 The only original thing is that after some time I got tired of hardcore language-related materials, so at the end of the month I’ve jumped into the later chapters of the course, that deal with architecture and code quality. It’s nothing new to me, but it was a nice distraction for the time being. In May, I’m going back to the internals of C back again.

  • 01-03.04.2021 – Continued 3rd chapter of C course.
  • 04-05.04.2021 – Easter.
  • 06-09.04.2021 – Started 4th chapter of C course.
  • 10-11.04.2021 – weekend
  • 12-13.04.2021 – Continued and finished 4th chapter of C course.
  • 14-16.04.2021 – Started and finished 5th chapter of C course.
  • 17-18.04.2021 – weekend
  • 19-23.04.2021 – Started 6th chapter of C course.
  • 24-25.04.2021 – weekend
  • 26.04.2021 – Finished 6th chapter of C course.
  • 27-28.04.2021 – Started and finished 7th chapter of C course.
  • 29-30.04.2021 – Started and finished 11th chapter of C course.

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